Everything You Need to Know About Tinctures

by in Tinctures February 25, 2021

As the demand behind CBD increases, people around the world are intrigued by the benefits and multiple forms of ingestion such as gummies, vapes, and tinctures.

So, why are tinctures so popular? Herbal tinctures have been used for centuries and are one of the oldest forms of medicine worldwide. It is also the original way people used medical cannabis in the early 20th century before prohibition.

Tinctures are extracts of hemp in liquid form. Similar to the process of extracting cannabis oil, these utilize a solvent like alcohol or glycerin to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. Alcohol and glycerin are both a solvent and an ingredient in the final product. The usage of these components within the formula differentiates tinctures from traditional cannabis oils. The hemp extract gets combined with mixtures of alcohol or glycerin and oils such as peppermint, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. 

Unlike CBD oils that require ingesting it by using the vaping method, tinctures are easily consumed by using the dropper and placing drops underneath the tongue. You can also mix with food such as smoothies, your morning coffee, or tea since there is no unpleasant taste when using the vaping method. When mixing it with food, your body may take up to 2 hours to absorb it. The timing for effectiveness is similar to using edibles.

Depending on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and needs, you may find that one or more of the benefits of cannabis tinctures appeals to you:

– Discreet

– Contains Zero Psychoactive

– Precise serving size

– Relief within minutes  

– Relief from Pain, Inflammation, and Muscle Spasms

– Reduces Anxiety

– Improves Sleep

– Contains light side effects such as dry mouth.

You can estimate your CBD dosing by weight and goals; however, one should always.

Consult with a medical professional.

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